Be Prepared to Give

As you know, Christmas is fast-approaching, and for most of us this means gift giving is on our mind. (Speaking of which, have you seen RSD’s 2022 gift guide yet?) 

But in this blog post, I want to encourage you to be ready to give all year round

Christmas and birthday gifts are great, but I think the unexpected gift can make an even bigger impact. One thing I hope to be remembered for is being generous, but this does take a little planning.

So, here’s a tip: keep a stocked gift basket somewhere in your house. Fill it with candles, journals, cosmetic bags — things you can give as an encouragement when the need comes up without taking a trip to the store.

I know we are close to the end of 2022, but coming out of 2020 takes a long time. We aren’t “back to normal” yet, and gift giving can be a huge component in relational healing after so much isolation.

There are all kinds of opportunities to show someone you love them with a small gift. Weddings, new babies and holidays are the obvious ones, but what about when a friend is just having a hard day? All kinds of occasions, both happy and sad, are opportunities to show intentional love. Miscarriages, job promotions, anniversaries, and “just because” days are all included.

What might you include in your gift basket? Here’s a list of some ideas:

And I could keep going! 

Holiday sales can be great opportunities to stock up on these items, so when February rolls around and you have a friend hit by the Winter Blues, you are ready ahead of time to give some tangible encouragement. 

With love,

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