Encourager: Back with a New Season

After a necessary and effective break, the Encourager is BACK with a brand new season, and I am loving it! There is something about being at the microphone that lights me up. I love to share all the mistakes and successes I’ve had, and I love to hear other people’s stories. 

I decided to take time off so I could concentrate on my other brands, as well as on the Encourager Academy. It was worth it for me to focus on those goals, but I am so glad to be back!

Lately I can’t seem to stop podcasting — I’ve just been pouring out new episodes! So there will be plenty for you to binge on, or you can just keep up with us weekly. ;)

I’ve done some interviews with women I admire (here and here), and in one episode I got into the nitty-gritty on raising daughters. And there’s plenty of fun to come — like the story about why I ordered eight yards of solid brown fabric! 

One thing you’ll notice about the podcast going forward is that I am being bolder in my faith. I’m not going to shy away from saying His name repeatedly! The whole reason I podcast is a result of much prayer, and my desire to glorify God.

The Encourager has been an awesome way for me to use my radio background, to share what God is doing in my life, and to meet amazing people. I’ve never been short on questions for others, and podcasting allows me to keep asking questions of the people I admire most! 

The Encourager is available anywhere you listen to podcasts. And in the podcast world, the way you can show me you love it is by leaving a rating and giving a review. 

I hope you tune in to be encouraged, week to week!


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