For Freedom He Has Set Us Free

Freedom. In one sense, it’s a simple concept, but as you think on it, you’ll see it’s a complex and invaluable gift. Here are important questions to ask: freedom from what? And free to do what?

In Christ, we are freed from our sin, freed from the world, and freed from ourselves. What good news! And not only that, we are free to experience joy and contentment in all we do. 

There are two books I’ve listened to recently that have had a huge impact on me. But before I get into those, let me give you a little context. 

I have always been a goal setter, and I love achieving those goals. (This is not new to you if you know me or read this blog!) What I haven’t always enjoyed is the process of achieving those goals. In the last couple years especially, I’ve become more focused on success, and I’ve found less joy in the ordinary. 

And now for the book titles: The Secret Society of Success by Tim Schurrer and The Road to Wonder by Taylor Hughes. I cannot recommend these enough!

Tim Schurrer’s book helped me remember what success really is. We are free to define success based on who we are and where God has us. It’s helped me step away from the pursuit of worldly success, and I truly feel that like I’m thinking more like God in my goals. I’m still goal-oriented, but now I’m also enjoying the process. 

This has been super freeing for me. I’m free to choose my goals and to chase them in a state of gratefulness and contentment. Later today I am going to help my husband with the cows — something I’ve wanted to do for years, but I always have had other things I’ve had to do. I’m learning that I’m free to put those other things aside. 

Along the same lines, Taylor Hughes’ book has made me see that my definition of success has taken away the fun in the small, ordinary things of life. I laughed so hard reading this book! It made me think back to things like all the funny skits we did at church camp and all the little everyday quirks that bring joy. 

It’s helped me slow down and be connected with those around me. We are free to start something or quit something today. We have so much freedom for how we respond to everything around us. 

Through all this, I’ve been able to refocus on the privilege it is to have a business and serve people with it. I’m thankful that I am free to serve and inspire our customers.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1


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