How to Have a Personal Retreat — And Why You Should!

I recently got away for my annual January retreat, and I just can’t recommend this enough. I always come back with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to excel in all the roles God has given me. I absolutely swear by it!

What do I mean by annual retreat? I simply mean taking two to three days to get away from your normal surroundings to reflect on the past year and plan for the year to come.

Practically, this will look a little different for everyone, but for me, I have to be alone. Even if you do go with others, I still really recommend being alone for at least part of it. There is just something about quiet, undistracted time that God seems to really use to inspire, convict and encourage.

I always stay someplace that is a bit of a drive because I like the windshield time to slow my thoughts — both there and back. I’ve found a hotel room doesn’t work for me because I need more desk space, plus room to pace. :) I usually find an Airbnb, which is also my way to scope out places we could bring the kids. 

I often develop a word for the year at my annual retreat, and the one I keep coming back to for 2023 is “renew.” How do I renew my brands? My relationships? Myself personally, in a variety of areas? 

  • Spiritually: How can I renew my Bible reading habits and see God more in the everyday?
  • Physically: What aches and pains do I deal with, and is there something I can do about them?
  • Relationally: Are there relationships I need to pour more time into? Whether it’s friends, family or my spouse, are there ways I can renew these relationships?

I also develop a theme for Rebekah Scott Designs going into the new year, and this year it’s “fresh eyes.” How do we look at our brands after 15 years with fresh eyes? We may know our core values, like the fact that we are handmade in South Dakota, but do our new customers know this? 

What kind of experience do we offer customers, new and old? Do they know that we are about giving opportunities to unleash their creativity — more than only making purses? Do they know we have a podcast to help and encourage them? 

As you can see, I believe asking lots of questions helps to create vision and inspiration for the coming year. Here’s a reflection question for you: What could be renewed in your life?

I encourage you to reflect, and this won’t happen in the midst of everyday life. If you allow yourself these two or three days, it will make such a huge difference for you moving forward.

I am certain the time is worth it, and I’m still riding high after my retreat. If you thought I couldn’t get any more joyful, you just wait! ;)


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