How to Live Out Your Christian Faith In All of Life

“Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:7

Isn’t this incredible? Every single word and deed — all through Him and for Him. 

But sometimes I think it can be difficult to know how this plays out. For those of us who aren’t in full-time ministry work, we might sometimes wonder how the other six days are meant to glorify God in real ways. That’s what this blog post is all about: how I live out my Christian faith in all areas of life.

In my personal life:

  • I start each day with gratitude. Before my feet hit the floor, I express five things I’m thankful for. I strive to reflect on these things and maintain a thankful heart throughout the day.
  • I exercise because God has given me this body to steward. Then I pray in front of a cherished picture of Jesus.
  • Before my family leaves the house, we pray together — a tradition passed down from my grandmother.
  • In my interactions with others, I am praying for Christ’s help and presence as I seek a deeper understanding of the other person’s journey. 

In my marriage: 

  • Nick and I turn to prayer when we face challenges or disagreements.
  • We pray together at night, we discuss our faith, and we actively engage with our church’s youth group. 
  • We prioritize tithing and giving to others, reinforcing the importance of stewardship and generosity.

In our parenting:

  • We maintain a consistent routine of morning and mealtime prayers.
  • We ask our children to pray during meals, emphasizing that God never fails them.
  • We encourage our children to acknowledge their failures, reminding them of God's unwavering forgiveness and support.
  • Before bedtime, we have a family prayer, often with our children taking the lead.
  • We have individual meetings with our children to discuss guidelines, expectations and areas for growth.

In my work:

  • I pray for guidance and strength before entering the studio or making important decisions.
  • We begin and end our RSD staff meetings with prayer.
  • I openly discuss my faith with potential employees during the hiring process.
  • I have Bible verses, Christian wall decor, and crosses in my studio.
  • I am open about being a Christian during my podcast interviews.
  • I use my sewing time to pray for my community using my Sunday prayer notebook.
  • I pray for the recipients of my custom orders and wish God’s blessings upon their lives.

I hope these insights give you some practical ideas for incorporating faith into your life. My goal is for people to see the light of Jesus in me, realizing that it's not anything in me, but it’s God's greatness that shines through.

And one last thing I can't forget: books! A hugely important way I keep myself focused on what is most important is through reading good books. One of my favorite authors I come back to often is John Eldredge. Resilient is my current favorite, and you can get the hardcover here and the audio here. And I always recommend Wild at Heart, whether you prefer it in print or on audio.

Onward and upward,

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