Loving the Limited Collections

I love that you, the customer, get to be the designer when you shop with Rebekah Scott Designs. It’s so fun for me to see what you come up with! 

However, I also love being a designer myself, and limited collections are such a fun way for me to do that. We live in a world right now where supplies are not as predictable, and the fabrics I fall in love with are often in short supply. The bright side? It’s been a great excuse to do lots of limited collections!

Right now we are featuring Summer Punch Rozzi, which is a perfect summer purse. It’s a bright, fun confetti style, and it has a periwinkle zipper, which is the color of the year. The Rozzi purse is great for all our activities this time of year: getting ice cream, canoeing, biking, tournaments, concerts — you name it. As always, this limited collection is available until supplies last, which is usually not long. :)

The collection also features a Summer Punch Lizzie, which is perfect for organizing all your essentials — including sunglasses. 

Be prepared to see more limited collections continue as we wait on supplies to regulate! The best way to be in-the-know about when these debut is to join our VIP group, which you can do here.  

I love seeing little groups of people having the same purse — it makes me happy! So stay tuned, and snag a Summer Punch Rozzi while you can! 

Happy Spring!

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