New Summer Fabrics

When I close my eyes and think about summer, I picture lemonade, picnics in the yard, clear blue skies and a bottle of sunscreen. :) I am excited to introduce our four newest summer-inspired fabrics that conjure up all these images for me.

I love summer styles because the colors are all a bit brighter. Don’t get me wrong, I love pastels — but I’m always ready to bring on the color! We are reintroducing Citrus, which is such a pretty yellow, and below are descriptions of the four new fabrics. I hope you’ll explore our website and try them out in a few styles! 

  1. The first is called Dancing Pyramids. It's a bright aquamarine color in a really fun geometric pattern.
  2. Pink Picnic has kind of a picnic feel to it, except with a color twist. We always have people who beg for pink, so I know this will be a favorite! 
  3. I love the color scheme of Heirloom. It reminds me of my mom’s style, but slightly more modern. My mom should have been an interior designer; she is so talented. I can’t help but think of her when I work with this fabric.
  4. Gray Mini Dot is a cheery neutral that will go with anything. In fact, it pairs especially well with…

Our newest zipper! We have a limited bright yellow zipper. We got them just in time for summer, and they will go fast! They pair really well with gray fabrics, and if your school has yellow for one of its colors, now is the time to get it! 

These new summer fabrics pair especially well with aqua or pink linings. Examples include Honey Orchid, Petal, Sunshine, Pink Oval and Patchwork. Happy designing! 

I hope these new fabrics will inspire you to enjoy some slow-brewed sun tea and take long walks in this beautiful sunshine.


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