People Behind the Purses: Laura

How do you know Rebekah?

I met Bekah when she was teaching youth group at a church. We both clicked! I was a rebel teenager, and she was there to set me on the right path.

Give us a brief bio of yourself. (Tell us about your family, your job, your hobbies, etc.)

I own Bundle of Joy Maternity & Baby Boutique. I love seeing the moms and moms-to-be and their little ones. I got married last June to my husband Paul, and we have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Jinx.

How many RSD purses do you own?

I have around five bags, but I would say around 10 between my sisters and I. We like to trade or steal RSD bags from each other — they are addicting.

Do you own the purse named after you? What do you like about it?

Yes, I own the Laura. I am using it at the very moment. I love it — the pockets on the outside are great for my cell phone.

We’re curious about a few of your “favorites”

My favorite movie: The Help
Favorite music artists: Pink and Mariah Carey
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite book: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown — a great mystery book
Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough with Reese’s

Do you have a quote or motto you live by?

I live by, “Pretty, pretty please don’t you ever feel like you’re less than less than perfect” – song lyrics by Pink. We are all perfect in God’s eyes, even when we make mistakes.

I also live by, “Ask and it shall be delivered.” I feel that God answers all prayers in some way or another; one just has to be patient.

What is your must-have item in your purse at all times and why?

Must have items: phone charger because my phone dies constantly, my sunglasses, and pens (lots of pens) and my business cards.

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