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Charnelle Wooledge

I didn't start carrying my Jill right away. I am a small bag person and Jill is taking some time to get used to. :) Just switched to it this week. I love the fabrics the design RSD made for me.

Heidi Grimlie

I love my smallet. It's so easy to grab and go when running errands or even at a football game. Only thing is I forget when I use it so when I go to grab my wallet my card isn't in there.

Oregano Corduroy Cosmetic bag and Polly with 1952 lining 🌟✨🌟✨

So beautiful and well made! The cosmetic bag can fit an entire embroidery project. I feel I just can’t have enough of them, the bags useful and versatile! And much more nicer than any other. Thank you so much! Absolutely love the Polly! Thank you, for always sewing every pouch to perfection. The fabric is fantastic and the size is perfect for my peppermints. Fast shipping with every order. Thank you again…

MIchaela Deitz
Custom Annie

I always enjoy creating my own purse on RSD as it is a fun way to let my creativity and style show. There are so many beautiful options that one could come up with. The excitement of receiving my own creation makes me happy. I always get compliments on my RSD and it is fun to inform people that I designed my own high-quality purse. Thank you for allowing me to be crative!

Theresa Frank
Fabulous Phoebe

This bag was a birthday gift for my daughter. She designed it and was so excited to receive it. It arrived by the day we celebrated her birthday. She loves how spacious the bag is. (She carries a LOT of stuff) and this bag holds it ALL!! ♥️

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I have never been big on purses/bags until I discovered RSD [Rebekah Scott Designs]. Now I can't get enough. The bags are all so unique, stylish and functional. The accessories make it easy to switch between purses in record time and stay organized as well. There is literally a style for every occasion. I love everything about RSD and what the brand stands for. <3

Stephanie Briggs

Rebekah Scott Designs is an outstanding business. They're customer service is top-notch and their products are of the hightest quality sewn with expertise and love for the women or men who will purchase them. Rebekah Scott and her team love what they do and it shows. You can't go wrong having a Rebekah Scott design in your life

Danielle Reynolds

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